About PAL Diamonds

Willingboro Softball

Our team is focused on promoting a winning attitude and having fun with your friends. Our desire is to bring the community together to cheer on our players and show our Willingboro PRIDE!


Registration is open: Welcome to players 8-15years old

Our Mission

The National Association of Police Athletic/Activities League (National PAL) and its chapters work nationwide promoting the prevention of juvenile crime and violence by building relationships among kids, cops and community through positive engagement.

Our Philosophy

Studies have shown that if a young person engages and interacts with a law enforcement on the ball field, gym or classroom, the youth will likely come to respect the laws that police officers enforce. Such respect is beneficial to the youth, the police officer, the neighborhood and the business community. 

Why Join PAL?

Our officers believe that young people – if they are reached early enough – can cultivate strong positive attitudes towards/with law enforcement in their journey through life, with the goal being that of maturity, inclusiveness and good citizenship. The PAL program experience, brings youth, under the guidance and positive influence of law enforcement agencies and/or community based not for profit organizations, to expound upon the public awareness regarding the role of law enforcement and the reinforcement of the responsible values and attitudes instilled in young people by their parents.